Development updates on Swirge Mobile

Development updates

In the past few months, our support team has been working relentlessly to bring about innovative changes so as to further improve our platform for a seamless user experience. Swirge is disrupting the mainstream social media and financial industry by adopting peer-to-peer tools and innovative technologies, being built on the blockchain, to provide a decentralized network that offers unlimited freedom of speech and control of data, as well as privacy on a platter of gold. Our platform is user-friendly and highly flexible.

Here are some of the general features on the platform…


On Swirge social, every published post is referred to as “Swerve”. The platform is designed to enable push updates and post notifications of new swerves from your friends and friends of friends on your home page. Recent updates on the platform enabled support that recommends swerves that may interest you based on your data and activities on the platform — they are known as organic and sponsored posts. Hence, you can have a personalized user experience on the platform. So, while you stay connected with your network of friends, you can also stay updated on your favourite activities.

You can receive proprietary news feed updates which appear as a list of shortened posts each with headlines that serve as a link to the full post.


Discover and stay updated in real-time with trendy events and topical issues with the explore feature on Swirge social. Supported algorithms within the operating system enable the turn-up of trending hashtags and keywords around recent happenings, which may be related to sports, fashion, politics, and much more.

Weather forecast

Meteorological data curated within the database enables the Swirge platform to bring you personalized weather forecasts based on your location and select areas for either single or several days in a row. So, you may go about your daily activities without fear of being taken unawares by the changing climes.

Token price live update

You may have missed out on juicy tokens because you were not aware of the trendy token price. Now, Swirge is here to the rescue. On the social platform, we have enabled support for the live display of current token prices right at the top of your screen. Updates on new market prices, rate changes as well as sudden fluctuations are made handy. There is an extra feature to also toggle on or off the displayed live crypto carousel from the settings section of your mobile app.


These are short-lived, automatic sequences of images or videos that are presented like slides, appearing on the top left of your screen with circular images — outside your newsfeed where they are displayed vertically on the desktop version of the platform and horizontal on the mobile app. Stories disappear after 24 hours, except they are deleted beforehand by the user.

Stories enable you to personally connect and engage with your network of friends. It has improved social media marketing as several organizations take advantage of this thrilling feature to grow their engagements and followers. You can also create your stories from your mobile device or tablet.


The “trending” feature is slightly different from the “explore” feature in that you can create trends and generate traction for your products, services, or topical issues using “tagmojis” on Swirge social. When the algorithm detects the constant use of certain keywords, it automatically develops a trend that makes the subject go viral. And with this feature, you can also explore trending issues, products, and services around your location or the globe — depending on your customized settings.

Dark (night) mode feature

Our support team also considered the drastic effect of these blue rays from mobile devices and computer screens. Hence, we have enabled support of a night mode feature that can adjust your device’s contrast and colours to reduce the exposure of the eyes to the harmful rays following prolonged usage of your device. Also, devices with OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) screens have prolonged battery life because of the night mode feature.

What’s going on?

Share status updates with your network of friends using the “What’s going on?” feature on Swirge. You can share your moments with them by making swerves using photos, videos, voice notes, gifs that can attract likes, comments, or even toppings from your friends. There is a threading feature that provides you with well-structured and sequenced swerves and their replies, which allows you to keep track of the conversation.

Swirge provides users with the platform and unlimited right to express themselves freely without fear of intimidation and suppression from third parties, being built on a well-distributed and decentralized system.

Tipping Feature

On Swirge, our users are allowed to express the love in their heart to their network of friends and also reward incredible digital works that impressed them on the platform. Users can tip friends and other users on the platform with some of their stored tokens. On other hand, digital creatives stand a chance to be rewarded for their ingenious works.

Find friends

Reconnect and restore old contacts on Swirge social using the “Find friends” feature. Hence, you can rebuild and establish stronger communication with people you have lost touch with.

Messages (chats)

Enjoy highly encrypted end-to-end messaging features on Swirge social that allow you to interact with your network of friends without unwarranted interruption from third parties seeking to gain access to your data and privacy.

Poll/Drag feature

Support for e-voting is available on the social platform for your social campaigns and surveys. There is a timer that counts down until the set duration of the voting elapses, after which it terminates further receipt of votes from participants.

Pinned comment

You can pin your select comment on any swerve above others to the top of the comment section. This will enable users to emphasize important details to the notice of every participant.

Reset password

To ensure security, you can reset your password when you fail to remember it or probably notice suspicious activities on your account. Swirge platform makes it easier to change your password details yet maintains top-notch security. And, to access this feature, there is a need for your private keys which is given to you upon signing up for the first time. You need to back up these details for times of need like this. These will prevent third parties from gaining unwarranted access to your account.

Token transfers

Our team has enhanced token transfer by enabling support for transfers using Swirge user’s name ID. This will increase the ease of making token transfers on your wallet. Now, you do not have to memorize and remember your recipient’s complex wallet address to initiate the transfer. With something as simple as the user’s name ID, you are perfectly good to go.


With these amazing features and many more to come, as our team of developers continue to build on the platform, we are confident that this is the next generation social media platform built on the blockchain technology. And we are ready to take over the mainstream media and change the way things are done, from how people interact with their network of friends to how business is done. You can join us today by signining up with Swirge. It can only get better!




Decentralized Social media, Marketplace and Payment platform | Be in control over your account data and finances on #BSC #Matic — $SWG

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Decentralized Social media, Marketplace and Payment platform | Be in control over your account data and finances on #BSC #Matic — $SWG

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